Zanuti & Cie. was established in 1887 by Albert F. Zanuti - a Swiss watchmaker famous for his contribution to the development of the watchmaking industry in Japan and part of the Japanese governmental reform known as the 'O-yatoi Gaikokujin'.

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For over 100 years, our company served as an official retailer and certified service center to several Swiss luxury brands, an operation that was wound down in 2006 in favour of the development of our in-house manufacturing facilities, which would eventually enable us to restart the production of Zanuti ® branded mechanical timepieces.

The year of 2017 marked an important milestone for our brand, as the company sold a minority stake in its business to one of Europe's leading retail groups, with the aim of modernizing the brand for the 21st century and leveraging the new online platforms to reach a much larger and younger audience. 

This new joint-venture (with offices, logistics and legal representation in Europe and the United States) has enabled the brand to join a major network of distribution centers and a global supply chain, making it possible for the first time in our history to sell Zanuti ® mechanical watches to customers all over the world, honouring our international warranty and world-class customer service. 

Our trademarks across all jurisdictions were also updated to reflect these changes, as until the beginning of the century they were primarily associated with watchmaking Services (seen below “First use: 1887-09-25”), and now cover all forms of commerce (both goods and services) across 5 continents.

Today, we stand as one of the world's oldest and still autonomous watchmaking brands, proudly carrying on our founder’s legacy of craftsmanship.

Our mission and vision for the future remain the preservation of the art of horology, while continuing to subsidise and oversee watchmaking courses and apprenticeships across Europe and the United States.